eHarmony: Lessons from the Edge

Confession: I joined eHarmony.

I finally entered my credit card info to “Beat the Odds” and “Bet on Love” (eHarmony‘s words, not mine)—at least for three months. Only a few convos into this journey, the lessons started coming in hot.

Lesson #1: Most people think they are good listeners—including me.

Everyone believes this impossible truth. Why is this a complete lie? You ask. Because we ALL carry baggage and bias. The first step to actually becoming a good listener is to acknowledge this fact. Every time you think you are listening, stop and try again. You might hear something you didn’t expect. (Thanks, Journalism Classes! I owe you one.)

Lesson #2: The more someone tries to convince you that they are happyflexible, or open is directly proportional to the level that he or she is NOT happy, flexible, or open.

Actions always speak louder than words, my friends.

Lesson #3: Girls are not the only ones who can harbor unrealistic fantasies about married life. Apparently, this is a boy’s game too.

True story time, dear readers. A single gentleman informed me that he cannot handle rejection at any level; therefore, he requires a partner who would NEVER turn him down for physical intimacy. #helpmefam

Shocked John Stewart via GIPHY

Please, for the love of all that is holy, work out some of your drama before joining a dating site. I.Beg.You.

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